Smart Guide to Yoga (The Smart Guides Series)



作者:Stephanie Levin-Gervasi






Smart Advice on how yoga can enhance emotional, physical, and spiritual well-beingSmart Ways to relieve stress, strengthen your body, prevent and treat illness, and boost your stamina and energySmart Tips on what yoga style is right for you, with step-by-step instructions on the poses that best suit your lifestyle and goals * Smart Strategies to release physical tension and mental stress with the slow, gentle movements, poses, and breathing techniques of hatha yoga * Smart Insights into the six branches of yoga, each a different experience in movement and meditation * Smart Advice on yoga as alternative medicine to heal heart disease, chronic pain, arthritis, and other illnesses * Smart Tips on finding a class and teacher that best suit your needs and will help you develop your own yoga practice * Quick reading and easy referencing with lots of photos, a comprehensive index, and loads of sidebars and sourcesSmart Guides take readers seriously. They satisfy even the most curious person’s desire to know the essentials about any of a wide range of topics--from vitamins to mutual funds to stress relief.It’s all about good reading and expert information. The choice is yours. Stephanie Levin-Gervasi is a writer specializing in health and family matters. She is the author of The Back Pain Sourcebook and has practiced yoga for more than twenty years. She lives in San Francisco.