North American Tunneling 2012 Proceedings



作者:Matthew Fowler, Robert Palermo, Robert Pintabona, Michael Smithson Jr







North American Tunneling is the premier forum to discuss new trends and developments in underground construction in North America. With every conference, the number of attendees and breadth of topics has grown. This collection of papers presented at the highly regarded 2012 North American Tunneling Conference records many of the tremendous advances that have been made in the delivery of more cost-effective and less disruptive solutions to the underground infrastructure needs of North America.With more than 100 papers from engineers, contractors, owners, suppliers, manufacturers, and others in the industry, the proceedings documents the progress being made in the methods, practices, and technologies used in underground infrastructure. The authors share the latest case histories, expertise, lessons learned, and real-world applications from around the globe on a wide range of topics includingBetter geologic characterization methods for predicting TBM advance rates,Corrosion protection for sewer tunnels,Tunnel ventilation design,TBM modifi cations for the world’s second deepest civil works tunnel,Alternative project delivery approaches and risk allocation, andStructural designs for large highway tunnels.Whether it is Panama’s first wastewater tunnel, TBMs for mine development in Montana, tunnel excavation assessment in Seattle, marine site investigation in Ireland, design of an underground line in Berlin, groundwater infiltration reduction in Atlanta, storm tunnel emergency rehabilitation in Minneapolis, or blasting parameters in Manhattan, you will learn about the latest projects and practices in this ever-changing industry.