Introduction to React



作者:Cory Gackenheimer







Introduction to React teaches you React, the JavaScript framework created by developers at Facebook, to solve the problem of building complex user interfaces in a consistent and maintainable way. React.js shrugs away common front-end conventions in an effort to make things more efficient - use Introduction to React to learn about this framework and more today.Get to know the React API and it’s specific JavaScript extension, JSX, which makes authoring React components easier and maintainable. You will also learn how to test your React applications and about the tools you can use while building. Once you understand these core concepts, you can build applications with React. This will help you cement the ideas and fundamentals of React and prepare you to utilize React in your own use case. What you’ll learnHow to use React to maintain complex user interfaces in an efficient wayHow to integrate existing user interfaces and move forward with ReactHow to manage application architecture using FluxHow to easily utilize JSX, React’s JavaScript extensionWho this book is for Introduction to React is for a web developer who is comfortable writing JavaScript and CSS. You will apply JavaScript to build web pages that utilize the paradigm shifting React framework. Introduction to React will provide you with the tools to create maintainable complex user interfaces. Table of ContentsChapter 1: What is React?Chapter 2: The Core of ReactChapter 3: JSX FundamentalsChapter 4: Building A React Web ApplicationChapter 5: Introducing Flux: An Application Architecture for React Chapter 6: Using Flux to Structure a React Application