Microwave devices, circuits and subsystems for communications engineering



作者:Ian A. Glover, Steve Pennock, Peter Shepherd







Microwave devices, circuits and subsystems are used in modern microwave communication systems, including fixed and mobile microwave communication services as well as terrestrial cellular applications. Together with the forthcoming second volume Microwave Communication Systems this text will form the basis of a trans-European MSc degree in Microwave Communications Engineering. A consortium of four EU universities within the EU SOCRATES programme is currently developing this degree, and this text will support the course as an open distance learning resource. The course will combine coverage of modern microwave communication systems with a detailed treatment of the circuit design techniques needed to implement the subsystems from which these systems are built. A self contained reference and tutorial work, this text offers unrivalled comprehensive coverage of microwave communications ? Up-to-date and wide-ranging coverage of modern microwave communication ? Uniquely combines coverage of modern microwave communication systems with detailed treatment of circuit design techniques ? Written by an extensive range of experts in microwave engineering from the UK, Italy, Spain and Greece Primarily aimed at postgraduate students in the microwave and communications engineering subject area and practising engineering in the microwave and wireless communications industries, this text would also appeal to senior undergraduates in communications engineering for its thorough coverage of this rapidly evolving field.